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At Micro Master Technical Training, we specialise in in delivering modern instrumentation and control courses for business, education and industry. We do not work in association with other agencies, so our training prices are extremely competitive.

Recent advances in technology make it much easier then ever before to design and build customised, sophisticated control systems. Some companies (oil and gas) require their instrument and control systems to operate in remote or rugged environments where wired communication systems are less feasible. Such situations are suited to wireless technology solutions involving monitoring instruments over a long period of time (data logging) and remote control.

The courses on offer can be used to update skills for Engineers and technicians who are responsible for commissioning, maintaining and upgrading new and existing instrument and control equipment. At the end of the course the delegates should possess the knowledge and skills to develop and implement their own solutions to specific measurement and control challenges.

We currently offer three types of training:

  • Microcontroller input/output programming techniques.
  • RF and WiFi data logging and remote control based on IOT embedded software.
  • Large (single & 3-phase) and Small (Stepper Motor and Servo) machine monitoring and control.

Client premises will need to have the following equipment.

  • PCs or laptops with Windows xp or 7, 10 or Mac operating system.
  • Access to router using WiFi and ethernet switch.
  • Several mains power supply sockets.
  • For the ac/dc machines course the client must have the Feedback training equipment.

The Microcontroller and peripheral boards (called 'Shields') are very cheap and can be suppied in small quantities by Micro Master Technical Training or purchased by the client company for regular training events and future development.