Cylinder Temperature Controller Project

Research into the rate of heat lost in a lagged water cylinder showed that the higher the temperature of the water stored in the cylinder leads to a greater rate at which heat is lost. It is therefore more efficient and convenient to keep the water at a lower constant temperature than it is to have the water temperature fluctuating between high and low temperatures. The specification for this project is listed below.

  • Keep the water temperature between 25C and 30C.
  • Monitor the temperature over 5 minute intervals.
  • Continuously collect and store water temperature data.
  • Using WiFi communications send results to WebPage graph.
  • Allow manual override for higher temperature requirements.

The complete water system

ESP8266-E12 Controller

The Controller using ESP8266-E12

Solid State Relay

25Amp 240v Solid State Relay controlled from the ESP8266 Controller. The relay is clamped to the cold inlet pipe to dissipate the heat generated in the relay back into the water system.

Water Heater Graph

Wi-Fi connection to internet WEB page via the local router is capable of displaying almost real-time performance (every 5 minutes) of the controlled temperature.