SMS Alert Project

A very useful feature for some environmental monitoring applications is the ability to send out a warning text to a specific staff member should a critical condition needing urgent attention be recorded by the sensing apparatus. This application is dependent on WiFi infrastructure being present in the operational vicinity. Typical applications can include the ability to contact the correct person using sms, based on a specific event:

  • Overheating of a liquid in an industrial process.
  • Pollution or sour gas concentration level warning.
  • Pressure sensor sensing pressure exceeding the normal value.
  • Engine overheating warning.
  • Low moisture content warning in an agricultural environment.
  • Security door has been opened or unauthorised access detected.
MicrowaveFront MicrowaveBack

A Microwave-PIR hybrid movement detector is best suited for detecting security violations. It is much more resistant to false triggers associated with a PIR movement sensor. With only 2 connections + power supply to a ESPduino Wi-Fi programmed micro controller can sent an alert message to any designated mobile phone. If needed a remote alarm system can easily be set up as well.