We are a Training Provider

Technical Training - Industrial Training

  • MicroContollers and Robotics
    • Stepper Motor Control
    • Servo Motor Control
    • Electronic Sensors
    • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Robot Control
  • C++ and MicroPython Programming for Microcontrollers
    • Latest coding developments
    • Use of custom libraries to reduce production time
  • 3-Phase Machines and Transfomers Refresher
    • 3-Phase Transformers and the Smart Grid
    • 3-Phase Induction Motors and Generators
  • Electrical Safety in the Work Place (HSE)
    • Safety Procedures for Electricians in Industry
    • Safe Isolation of Supplies
    • Safe Working Practices in Hazardous Environments
  • Modern Electronic Faultfinding Techniques
    • Working with Surface Mount Components
    • Fault Analysis by Simulation
  • Android app Programming for Engineers
    • Create mobile phone apps for Microcontrollers
    • Programming using 'Block' Techniques
Instructor Animation
Robotic Arm rolls-royce HSE Surface Mount App programming Programmable Logic Controller 3-Phase Machines Control Circuit