Wi-Fi Remote Control Project

Make the most out of your Wi-Fi installation! There is no limit to the monitoring and control systems that can be implemented remotely. Monitor sensors in a remote location and override autocontrol with a command from HQ.

  • Set up Wi-Fi control for router independent access.
  • Set up control for remote access using local router and internet.
  • Switch high voltage (mains or 3-phase) on or off.
  • Monitor machine for overheating and switch off remotely.
  • Monitor greenhouse and switch on/off heater or cooling.
  • Open/close garage door from a smartphone & check door status.
Remote Control

Remotely control a 240v mains supply socket

WEB Page Served

WEB page served by the microcontroller allowing user interaction via a webpage.

Garage Door Control

Garage Door WEB page controller on PC, Tablet or Mobile.